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Updated March 2, 2020


Q: What is the process for making MTN-business travel?

A: Please review the internal meeting and travel coordination center procedures located under the Meetings tab on the MTN website.

Q: Once I begun my trip, who should I contact for help?

A: Contact Cheryl Richards at 412-641-8983 and explain the issue. Cheryl will consult with the correct personnel within the MTN LOC to provide the best solution.

Q: What if I need to alter my itinerary and who is responsible for payment?

A: If an MTN-supported traveler needs to revise their itinerary due to MTN business, please contact Cheryl Richards at 412-641-8983 and explain the need to revise the ticket. Cheryl will consult with appropriate personnel within the MTN LOC for approval. Once approved, you may then contact the issuer of the ticket and make the necessary changes. If a MTN-supported traveler needs to revise their itinerary due to non-MTN business, the traveler will be responsible for the change fee and any costs associated with the price difference of the original ticket.

Q: When should flights be ticketed as fully refundable versus non-refundable?

A: All flights should be ticketed as non-refundable economy class.

Q: What if I arrive to the airport early? Am I permitted to take an earlier flight?

A: Yes, however, if there are any fees associated with taking the earlier flight, it will be the responsibility of the traveler to absorb these fees.

Q: Where do I park at the airport?

A: If you are traveling on behalf of the MTN, long-term or extended parking may be utilized for 1-3 day trips. For 3+ day trips, extended stay parking must be utilized.

Q:  Who is responsible for checked baggage fees?

A: The cost of the first checked bag will be reimbursed by the MTN.  Any additional bags will be reimbursed on a pre-approved basis depending on the travel circumstances. Please contact Cheryl Richards to obtain prior approval. Cheryl will consult with appropriate MTN staff for approval. Please note, when flying business class, most airlines will allow up to two checked bags without fees.

Q: If I am traveling for MTN business and require a VISA or Passport, may I submit these fees for reimbursement?

A: MTN will not reimburse for Passports.  It will be your responsibility to have an active passport (which is a mandatory US travel requirement.)  Specific VISAs or other documentation required to enter a country where MTN business is taking place may be reimbursed.

Q: If ground transportation has been prearranged and prepaid by the MTN, may I choose to obtain my own ground transportation?

A:  If the MTN has prearranged and prepaid for your ground transportation, you must utilize the arrangements that were made.  If you choose to obtain your own means of ground transportation, you may NOT submit a receipt for reimbursement.

Q: Can I bring a spouse or friend?

A: Yes, but you will be responsible for any cost difference associated with an upgrade of your accommodations (single room rate versus double room rate) and any other associated costs.

Q:  What if I want to extend my stay for personal reasons? For example, touring?

A: Any costs associated with an extended personal stay whether prior to or after the traveler's required business days will NOT be reimbursed by the MTN.  All costs will be at the traveler's own expense.

Q: When traveling for MTN business, are telephone calls reimbursed?

A: Reasonable, brief phone calls to family to notify them of your arrival and departure or to check-in at important times are allowable expenses and reimbursed by the MTN. For international travel a maximum of $100.00 for personal calls will be reimbursed for the entire trip.

Q: When traveling for MTN business, may I purchase the internet and be reimbursed?

A: Internet will be reimbursed for business purposes only including connection fees for laptops.

Q: How do I know when to submit receipts or obtain per diem?

A: International travel will be reimbursed on a per diem basis.  Domestic travel will be reimbursed ONLY on an original receipt basis. Be sure to include all detailed original receipts.

Q: Is mileage reimbursed?

A: Travelers are eligible to be reimbursed for mileage for their travel from their place of business to airport and airport to place of business.  To be reimbursed for mileage, travelers should note the number of miles driven one way in association with each day the travel occurred along with an explanation of the mileage on the reimbursement memo. A copy of a google map or MapQuest directions which include mileage is required.  MTN will reimburse for mileage for business travel according to the U.S. government schedule in effect at that time.  When reimbursed for mileage, gas receipts are not reimbursed.

Q: When may I submit receipts for meals?

A: Travelers will be reimbursed after travel on a pre-determined government per diem basis or a receipt basis for meals that were not provided to them, as well as incidental expenses. These amounts are based on calculations by The U.S. General Services Administration for the city or cities of travel for MTN related business. Receipts are required for domestic travel. International travelers are reimbursed based on the applicable per diem.

Q: May I rent a car and be reimbursed for MTN business travel?

A: Car rental costs including fuel, tolls and parking will be reimbursed based on actual costs supported by original receipts.  Car rental insurance costs are not reimbursable. The per diem mileage rate is not given for rental cars.

Q: Can I choose to purchase a meal when a meal is provided as a part of the meeting?

A: If you chose to purchase a meal when a meal is already provided, it will be at your own expense. When a meal is not provided by the meeting, it is expected that the traveler chooses a convenient location to eat.