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April 20-23, 2008

The MTN 2008 Annual Meeting was held at the Marriott Key Bridge Hotel; 1401 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA 22209 from April 20-23, 2008. Presentations from the plenary sessions are posted below.  Photos from our meeting can be viewed here.

MTN 2008 Annual Meeting Agenda (Download) 2008-04-0952.5 KB
MTN Annual Meeting Invitation (Download) 2008-03-1166.5 KB
Plenary 1
Welcome and State of the Network by Sharon Hillier (Download) 2008-04-21711.12 KB
Electronic Data Capture by Ben Masse (Download) 2008-04-21156.29 KB
Rectal Microbicides by Ian McGowan (Download) 2008-04-211.47 MB
Viral Resistance by John Mellors (Download) 2008-04-21127.32 KB
Colposcopy by Mitch Creinin (Download) 2008-04-21412.76 KB
Applicator Staining by Sharon Hillier (Download) 2008-04-21215.65 KB
Plenary 2
HPTN 035 by Salim Abdool Karim (Download) 2008-04-2161.9 KB
VOICE (MTN-003) by Jeanne Marrazzo (Download) 2008-04-2163.94 KB
MTN-015 by Sharon Riddler (Download) 2008-04-2156.63 KB
HPTN 059 by Sharon Hillier (Download) 2008-04-21339.49 KB
MTN-001 by Craig Hendrix (Download) 2008-04-2176.46 KB
MTN-002 and MTN016 by Rich Beigi (Download) 2008-04-21151.84 KB
MTN-004 by Ian McGowan (Download) 2008-04-21218.54 KB
MTN-005 by Craig Hoesley (Download) 2008-04-2161.29 KB
MTN-007 by Ross Cranston (Download) 2008-04-21105.31 KB
Plenary 3
FEM-PrEP by Lut Van Damme (Download) 2008-04-22138.71 KB
Plenary 4
Strategies for Engaging Communities: Blantyre Site Microbicide Research Experience by Bonus Makanani (Download) 2008-04-22121.1 KB
Community Assistance in Preparation of MTN001 by Robert Salata (Download) 2008-04-22305.72 KB
Strategies For Engaging Communities in Microbicide Research by Gita Ramjee (Download) 2008-04-22388.37 KB
Care of HIV Infected People by Patrick Ndase (Download) 2008-04-22465.06 KB
MTN Achievement Awards by Sharon Hillier (Download) 2008-04-2247.98 KB