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September 7-12, 2008

The MTN 2008 Regional Meeting was held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, Convention Square, 1 Long Street, Cape Town 8001, South Africa, September 7-12, 2008. Presentations from the general sessions are posted below.  Photos from our meeting can be viewed here.

I. General
MTN 2008 Regional Meeting Agenda (Download) 2008-08-29123.27 KB
Target Audience for the MTN 2008 Regional Meeting (Download) 2008-06-1722.1 KB
II. Presentations for Tuesday, September 9, 2008
Welcome: How the MTN is Addressing HIV Prevention (Hillier) (Download) 2008-09-09412.37 KB
The role of the MTN in the DAIDS Prevention Landscape (Dieffenbach) (Download) 2008-09-09880.46 KB
MTN-001 (Nakabiito) (Download) 2008-09-0997.92 KB
MTN-003 (Marrazzo/Chirenje) (Download) 2008-09-09153.49 KB
MTN-003B (Riddler) (Download) 2008-09-09129.16 KB
MTN-003C (McGowan) (Download) 2008-09-09444.54 KB
Community Involvement in the MTN (Gondwe/Nakayanzi) (Download) 2008-09-09765.53 KB
MTN-015 (Riddler) (Download) 2008-09-0954.13 KB
MTN-016 (Bunge) (Download) 2008-09-09111.66 KB
Naming Contest and Instructions for the Meeting (Hillier) (Download) 2008-09-09373.81 KB
III. Presentations for Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Rapid Implementation (Martinson) (Download) 2008-09-1089.91 KB
QA/QC Rate (Reid) (Download) 2008-09-102.21 MB
Adherence to Visits (Makanani) (Download) 2008-09-10448 KB
Retention (Magure) (Download) 2008-09-102.18 MB
Good Clinical Practices (Maharaj) (Download) 2008-09-10967.36 KB
Best Practices in Studies of Pregnant Women and Infants (Kintu) (Download) 2008-09-1095.88 KB
Site and Network Evauation (Celum) (Download) 2008-09-10683.39 KB
Long-Acting Methods of Contraception (Harwood) (Download) 2008-09-1065.63 KB
IV. Presentations for Thursday, September 11, 2008
HPTN 035: Planning for the Trial Closing (Abdool Karim) (Download) 2008-09-1151.76 KB
Lessons Learned from Co-Enrollments in CAPRISA 004 & HPTN 035 (Abdool Karim) (Download) 2008-09-11184.74 KB
Lessons Learned from Co-Enrollments in CAPRISA 004 & HPTN 035 (Ramjee) (Download) 2008-09-111.36 MB
Strategies/Technologics to Avoid Co-Enrollment (Chirenje) (Download) 2008-09-11147.35 KB
Safety Data on TDF and FTC/TDF (McGowan) (Download) 2008-09-11642.83 KB
Naming Contest and Closing Remarks (Hillier) (Download) 2008-09-1130.44 KB