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ACASI Training Scripts
ACASI Audio Training Script Instructions (BEMBA) (Download) 2009-11-1134.5 KB
ACASI Audio Training Script Instructions (NYANJA) (Download) 2009-11-1133.54 KB
ACASI Audio Training Script Instructions (SHONA) (Download) 2009-09-3029.8 KB
ACASI Audio Training Script Instructions (ZULU) (Download) 2009-09-2235.81 KB
Informed Consent Support Materials
Circumcision Fact Sheet (Download) 2009-07-01316.18 KB
Community Fact Sheet (Download) 2009-07-01251.69 KB
Condoms Fact Sheet (Download) 2009-07-01277.05 KB
English Booklet South Africa and Uganda (Download) 2009-01-084.52 MB
English Booklet Zambia (Download) 2009-02-234.28 MB
English Booklet Zimbabwe (Download) 2009-01-084.2 MB
Gel Use Instructions (Download) 2009-07-01466 KB
Male Partner Fact Sheet (Download) 2009-07-01370.98 KB
Participant Fact Sheet (Download) 2009-07-01269.13 KB
Resistance Fact Sheet (Download) 2009-07-01155.19 KB
Side Effects Pamphlet (Download) 2010-08-2357.8 KB
Table-Top Flip Chart (Download) 2009-07-015.44 MB
Tablet Use Instructions (Download) 2009-07-01612.78 KB
Other Materials
10 Key Messages for Product Use (Download) 2011-05-0384.5 KB
ACASI Questionnaire Schedule (Download) 2011-03-22203.91 KB
Adverse Event Reporting and Pregnancy (Download) 2010-11-2452.69 KB
Creatinine Clearance Worksheet Convert (Download) 2010-02-1644.5 KB
Creatinine Clearance Worksheet No Convert (Download) 2010-02-1635.5 KB
CRF Request Form (Download) 2012-04-1731.74 KB
DAIDS Site FDA Inspection Preparation Checklist (Download) 2011-03-1034 KB
Enrollment Adherence Counseling (Download) 2009-08-0773 KB
Enrollment Informed Consent Comprehension Checklist (Download) 2009-05-0650.5 KB
Follow-up Adherence Counseling Worksheet, Version 2.0 (Download) 2011-04-0941.5 KB
HIV Tests Performed During FOLLOW-UP in VOICE (Download) 2010-05-2747.16 KB
MTN-003 Financial Disclosure Form (Download) 2009-09-1671 KB
MTN-003 Visit Scheduling Tool (Download) 2010-11-2249.5 KB
PK Collection Scenarios Fingerstick Sites (Download) 2011-07-1491.68 KB
PK Collection Scenarios Non Fingerstick Sites (Download) 2011-07-1495.54 KB
Procedures for HIV seroconversion in MTN-003 (Download) 2010-08-1135.5 KB
Product Ordering Tool (Download) 2010-01-2921 KB
Product Returns Training Presentation (Download) 2010-11-171.71 MB
Protocol Safety Team Review Query Form LOA2 (Download) 2010-09-1046 KB
Publication Guidelines (Download) 2016-05-27440.83 KB
Safety Line Call Record (Download) 2009-09-0931.5 KB
Sample Adverse Event Tracking Log (Download) 2009-08-0742.5 KB
Sample Certificate of Completion (Download) 2011-08-1829 KB
Sample Informed Consent Cover Sheet (Download) 2009-05-0671 KB
Sample Informed Consent PBMC (Download) 2011-06-2439 KB
Sample Pregnancy Management Worksheet (Download) 2009-08-0775 KB
Sample Product Use Instruction Checklist (Download) 2011-05-0345 KB
Sample Safety Monitoring Flow Sheets (Download) 2010-06-24238 KB
Seroconverter Specimen Collection Tool (Download) 2011-03-2146.5 KB
VOICE Oral Truvada/Placebo PUEV Scheduling Tool (Download) 2011-12-2045 KB
Visit Checklists
01: Screening, Part 1 (Download) 2010-04-1697.5 KB
02: Between Screening Part 1 and Screening Part 2 Worksheet (Download) 2010-04-1663 KB
03: Screening, Part 2 (Download) 2010-04-1689.5 KB
04: Screening, Pelvic Exam (Download) 2010-04-1670.5 KB
05: Between Screening Part 2 and Enrollment Worksheet (Download) 2010-04-1667.5 KB
06: Enrollment (Download) 2010-04-16129.5 KB
07: Month 1 Visit (Download) 2010-04-16114 KB
08: Monthly Visit (Download) 2010-04-16109.5 KB
09: Quarterly Visit (Download) 2010-04-16110.5 KB
10: Follow-up Pelvic Exam (Download) 2010-04-1667 KB
11: Semi Annual Visit (Download) 2010-04-16118.5 KB
12: Annual Visit (Download) 2010-04-1695 KB
13: Product Use End Visit (PUEV) (Download) 2010-04-16107 KB
14: Termination/Study Exit Visit (Download) 2010-04-1698 KB
15: Interim Vist Checklists (Download) 2010-08-1675.5 KB
16: HIV Sample 2 Visit Checklist (Download) 2010-08-1643.5 KB
17: Post-Seroconversion Checklist (Download) 2011-03-2157.21 KB