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Case Report Forms
Behavioral Assessment – Female (Download) 2017-12-14368.78 KB
Behavioral Assessment – Male Partner (Download) 2017-12-14360.86 KB
Demographic Information Form (Download) 2018-02-27265.11 KB
Participant Status Form (Download) 2018-07-02151.11 KB
Protocol Deviation Report (Download) 2018-01-29128.52 KB
Social Harms Report (Download) 2018-01-2698.2 KB
Informed Consent Support Materials
Enrollment IC Comprehension Checklist (Download) 2017-12-1134.34 KB
Informed Consent (IC) Coversheet (Download) 2018-02-1628.55 KB
Interview Guides and Checklists
FGD Group Visit Checklist (Download) 2018-02-1335.77 KB
FGD Individual Participant Visit Checklist (Download) 2018-02-1338.09 KB
Grandmother Focus Group Discussion (FGD) Topic Guide (Download) 2017-12-14742.81 KB
IDI Visit Checklist (Download) 2018-02-1337.95 KB
Key Informant In-Depth Interview Guide (Download) 2017-12-14688.92 KB
Male Partner Focus Group Discussion (FGD) Topic Guide (Download) 2017-12-14743.03 KB
Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women Focus Group Discussion (FGD) Topic Guide (Download) 2017-12-14746.84 KB
Other Tools/Templates
Behavioral Eligibility Worksheet (Download) 2017-12-1261.79 KB
Delegation of Authorities Log (Download) 2018-01-1085.5 KB
Educational Video - English (Download) 2018-02-239.73 KB
Eligibility Checklist (Download) 2017-12-19923.56 KB
English Storyboard (Download) 2018-01-2814.16 MB
FGD Debriefing Report (Download) 2018-07-3029.5 KB
Frequently Asked Questions (Download) 2018-03-07373.66 KB
HIV Prevention Methods Video Script (Download) 2017-12-13361.57 KB
IDI Debriefing Report (Download) 2018-06-0828.26 KB
Luganda Storyboard (Download) 2018-01-3018.6 MB
Screening and Enrollment Log (Download) 2018-02-1326.19 KB
Shona Storyboard (Download) 2018-01-3012.61 MB
Storyboard Explanation (Download) 2018-01-29307.77 KB
Weekly Screening Tracker (Download) 2018-06-1928.53 KB
SOP Templates
Data Management and Source Document SOP (Download) 2018-04-03152.5 KB
Participant Accrual and Eligibility Determination (Download) 2018-04-0342.85 KB
Study Specific Training (Download) 2018-02-2819.55 MB